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Hudson Psychic

Discover What Life Has in Store for You

Find Answers to Your Life Questions

Do you have questions about your career, love life, family, or life direction? Whatever your question, prepare to be amazed by what the leaves will reveal during a tea leaf reading. It is a very magical experience! The cup will reveal the inner workings of your psyche and show your past, present, and future path.

If you are interested in a unique experience, schedule a tea leaf reading at Hudson Psychic in Hudson, Massachusetts today! You may also have a psychic tea party where everyone can see what their cup has to say. After all, tea leaf reading is also about having fun and learning something new.

When you rely on Hudson Psychic for tea leaf readings, you are connected with an experienced spiritual adviser. You will then receive deep insight through an ancient divination form. In addition, we also provide advice about soul mate compatibility.

Aside from regular tea leaf readings, we also offer readings centered on meditation and aromatherapy. These allow you to cleanse and balance your well-being. Note that no two readings are alike. The leaves will always reveal your fate unfolding during the past, present, and future moments of your life. All you have to do is focus on your question.

We offer genuine, old-fashioned tea lead readings, not computer-generated or phone line staffed. We pour a cup for each client and provide them with a highly personalized reading that meets their particular needs. These readings highlight persons, places, dates, and events that will be prominent in your life over the coming year.

As the session begins, please state if you would like a general, career, or love reading. You may also ask a specific question, as the leaves will frequently give a specific answer. 

Turkish Coffee Reading

This session starts with a cup of fine-ground coffee in a ceramic teacup with a saucer. Before drinking the coffee, the querent (the person seeking their fortune) must achieve the right state of mind so that the fortune telling is meaningful and accurate. One must be relaxed, focused, and open to the experience.

Once the fine ground sediments have settled on the bottom of the cup, the ritual will begin. The saucer is placed on top of the cup and the cup is turned and flipped. The upside-down cup is then left to cool on the saucer. The cup is removed and the grounds are then revealed.

The reading itself is a two-part process. First, we interpret the residual grounds in the cup and on the saucer. Symbols are revealed in the patter of the coffee grounds. These symbols are powerful and can give insight into the past as well as the future.

Next, the client makes a wish or asks a specific question. They will then use their left index finger to mark the grounds on the bottom of the cup. This mark will illuminate the outcome of the wish or answer the question.

Most sessions last from 30–45 minutes and can be repeated weekly or monthly, depending on the querent’s needs. Please note that all readings are private and confidential. Get in touch with us to host a tea leaf reading or coffee reading party at home or in your office. We are also available for other special events, such as corporate events, charity fundraisers, and more.