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Career ? Love life ? Family ? Life direction ? 

Whatever your question, 

be prepared to be amazed by what the leaves have to reveal the process of a tea leaf reading  it is a very magical and atmospheric experience.  

The cup reveals the inner workings of the psyche, as well as showing the path a person is on; past, present and future.  

If you are interested in a different experience then book a tea leaf reading with me. 

Also, you can have a (psychic) tea party and everyone can see what his or her cup has to say. Tea-leaf reading is about having fun and learning something new


Tea Room provides you with an experienced spiritual adviser.

When you rely on us for tea-leaf readings, you receive deep insight through an ancient divination form. In addition, 

we also provide advice about soul mate compatibility.

leaf readings ..specializing in MEDITATION and AROMATHERAPY

cleansing and balancing to your well being No two readings are alike ! 

The leaves reveal your fate unfolding at that moment in time.

  into your future past & present  All you have to do is focus in on your question. 

These are genuine, old-fashioned tea leaf readings, not computer-generated or phone line staffed. 

I pour a cup for each client a very personalized reading that will meet your particular needs. Highlights persons, places, dates and events prominent in your life over the coming year. Please indicate your choice of a General, Career, or Love reading. You may also ask a specific question, as the leaves will frequently give a specific answer.

Hudson psychic 

 turkish coffee reading starts with the querent (the person seeking his or her fortune) 

 a cup of fine-ground coffee from a ceramic teacup with a saucer. 

This is also referred to as the art of   tasseography.

While not drinking the coffee, the querent should attempt to achieve the right state of mind for the fortune telling to be meaningful and accurate. He or she should be relaxed, focused, and open to the experience.As the coffee fine ground sediments are left to settle. It is the sediments remaining on the bottom of the cup that are used in the reading. Once the coffee has settled  the ritual begins. The saucer is placed on top of the cup, the cup is turned and then flipped. The upside-down cup is then left to cool on the saucer, the cup is removed, and the grounds are revealed.

The reading of the grinds is a ritual in two parts:

  • Hudson psychic  interprets the residual grounds in the cup and on the saucer. Symbols are revealed in pattern of coffee grounds. These symbols are powerful and can deliver insights into the past as well as indications of future happenings.
  • Next, the client makes a wish or asks a specific question, and then uses the left index finger to mark the grounds at the inside bottom of the cup. This mark can illuminate the outcome of the wish or answer the question.

Most sessions last from 30 to 45 minutes, and can be repeated as often as weekly or monthly depending on the querent’s needs.


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