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For psychic shops, business is intuitive - News - Milford Daily News ...
Aug 8, 2010 - For Gina Mitlo, the future is her business. As she settles into a newly approved fortunetelling shop in Hudson, Mitlo  businesses offer unique foresight - an exclusivity not lost on the selectmen who approve them.

Hudson selectmen OK fortune teller - News - MetroWest Daily News ...

  2010 - When Gina Mitlo looks into the future, she sees herself running a successful fortune telling business.

Hudson selectmen OK fortune teller - News - Wicked Local - Boston, MA

Aug 3, 2010 - successful fortune telling business.

I visited the shop today in need of answers but hesitant because this is a total stranger! Well was I wrong it was like talking to my best friend she knew things about me I never thought anyone knew my hopes dreams and feelings. She needed very little information to begin the reading and did most of the talking she was honest caring straightforward and to the point will definitely be back soon!  

I met Gina in 2011 when my life was at a stand still .After Gina did my reading and explained things to me I started feeling better.She tells you exactly how things are and what its going to cost you up front so there is no surprises. I have been taking her advice since then and so far she has helped me to rekindle with the love of my life, I have gotten promotion at my job I also added another member to my family, I have over come anger and have learned 100 times better how to over come negative things and people around me.I would recommend Gina at any time to anyone who needs the help because she has helped my life in so many.people there are still some good ones left out there.

                                                            Kristal Good
Bless Up—GINA is the BEST, she's been in my life for about 3yrs now and def helped me become the GREAT person i am today.. sometimes its things in life that try to hold you down, but remember you can always shake them and get up! What you need to know, youll find out. Bless Up! God 1st, Hard Work, Go Get It! Holla at Her lol                                                                                   on,-feb,2018

Kelly G. - Buffalo, NY

An absolute pleasure—...Just had a reading with "Hudson psychic ". Her insights were clear, concise and "right on the money"!...She is also very caring and very honest . She even said a special prayer for me....It was a pleasure speaking with her!

- on , mar, 2018
Michael S. - STOW , MA

Vickie has been an inspiration—Gina  has been an inspiration to my life. She is a wonderful teacher that has brought me closer to GOD. She has helped me realize that all I need to do in my life is acknowledge my love for GOD and I will be blessed with gifts beyond my wildest dreams. This connection that she has been helping me nurture has strengthened me in ways beyond my imagination. It has built my confidence and helped me understand that I am perfect in GOD's eyes. I travel though my life now with a spiritual armor that helps me though some of my toughest times. And, the wonderful thing is that I am ready for what is to come because I have GOD on my side. This work that I am doing with her is not finished. It's an ongoing process but I am very blessed to have her spiritual guidance. She is truly my Guardian Angel.

- on NOV, 22 2017
joseph  L. - CONCORD , MA

There is no one like The Hudson psychic . She is amazing :)—My agency has over 7000 clients. We book corporate acts worldwide. Gina  is by far, one of my favorite clients and now....a friend. Besides being extremely talented, she has an inspiring soul, which is rare in today's world. She told me things about my family over the phone that left me speechless. Every word was true and she knew NOTHING about me. She told me my mother's name. I could go on and on. Highly, highly recommend.

- on jan, 15 2017

Helped me find balance—Gina  is my first and only spiritual reader i've met. at first i was very unbalanced and unsure of myself. she helped reveal trust in my guidance and ever since i've left my life has been great.thank you Hudson psychic .their ain't much words that can describe how i felt during the session.=)you are a very special person that will always be in my heart.much blessings from my heart and the heavens above =)

- on Dec, 18 2017

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