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 Love, Relationships, Life, Spiritual, Tarot, Mediums, Astrology  

Psychic Love Reading

A more in depth reading that touches on romance, relationships, business, as well as career.

Hudson psychic Love Advisor
Accurate Psychic Medium

Hudson psychic is a world renowned, licensed, and certified psychic medium. Her high level of accuracy and detail in her psychic readings have made her one of the truest, most gifted and sought after psychics in America and particularly in the massachusetts Area.

Hudson Psychic has over 25 years of experience as a Psychic, Medium, Life Coach, and Spiritual Intuit. She is a specialist in her field which strongly focuses on reuniting lovers, marriages, and soul mates. All readings are private and strictly confidential. Mrs. Lee makes client satisfaction her top priority. She will not only help you with your present problems, but will unfold a path to love, business careers, marriage, and reuniting the separated. Special sessions are always given that are designed to help you solve your personal problems.

Services and psychic advice are available for all matter of problems that life presents:
• Love • Healthm • Marriage • Children  • Finance • Job / Career • Soul Mate

• Drugs / Alcohol / Addictions

• Divorce • Past Life Regression • Predictions  • Crystal Programming

• Chakra Balancing • Tarot Card Reading • Palm Reading / Palmistry

• Spiritual Cleansing • Direction & Guidance • Contacting the Other Side .
Specializing in Love and Relationships I have helped family and friends achieve true happiness for over 25 years. 
I give honest compassionate guidance and intuitive clairvoyant help.

Hudson psychic has the  Ability to read the energy surrounding a person and provide accurate information with a timeframe.
I offer you sincere and honest guidance and intuitive clairvoyance. My spiritual gifts were handed down through my mother's generations. I was telling family members very personal things when I was a child and they were almost always surprised of the accuracy.

want answers such as: Where will you find love? Does your partner really love you? Should you get back with your Ex? How to find a new love that won’t go wrong this time! THE HUDSON PSYCHIC uses real tarot cards and psychic divination – and will be able to help you to find the truth and clarity you so badly need.

  Gina  is a 5th  generation Psychic Empath and a highly experienced contemporary practitioner of  Tarot &  using  her spirit guides 

Hudson Psychic  offers you professional psychic love  readings 

She uses tarot cards and spirit guides  to discover the real truth and give you the power to take charge of your romantic life. Stop being a victim, so you can be yourself ! Each moment of your past, present and future will be shown to her, and with this great insight she can bring you new possibilities, with choices you can make. 

Hudson psychic 

provides you with a love-reading that you will find helpful, informative – and with an accuracy you may find shocking 

! She will help you to discover where the path to your heart's desire really lies – and so help you to move forward by identifying the path to peace of mind, to love, and be loved in return. 



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Hudson, Ma. 01749

  Hours:  10:AM - 10:PM 


By Appointment Only Call (857) 294-6407

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