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Negative energy Removal

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

First: remove negative energy from the home or office

With fire (using a tealight) and the following recommended essential oils dripped onto the tealight before lighting

( i use different combos but this works):

Frankinsence – protection and purification

Orange oil – powerful love energy, peace, personal power and luck

Lemongrass – mental clarity, breaking negative habits

Rosemary – protection, mental clarity, stress, strength

Sandalwood – protection

Eucalyptus – purifying and healing

Open some windows in every room for the energy to leave.wile Say the following words while going around your home in a counter clockwise fashion:

“ i call upon my spirit guides , I ask that you remove and banish all negative energies and spirits from this home with the energy of Divine Light and Love. Bless this home with your pure white light of love and protection.”

visualize this happening when opening the windows and doors for the fresh air to get in.

Replace the removed negative energy with positve energy using a small dish filled with water and the following essential oils:

Lemon – purification, love

Peppermint – waking energy, enhances vitality, mental stimulant

Ylang ylang – brings peace, love

Lavender – wisdom, love, abundance, sleep aid, cleansing, healing

Frankinscence – luck, protection, purification.

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