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Psychic Readings These readings are very intense and are person-to-person. It combines the spirit, mind, and body. Hudson Psychic does the reading in such a way that makes the three forces come together which will tell information about a person. Hudson Psychic can pick up all the vibrations about a person, like being worried about something, or anxious, and she reveals great details about the past and present. This reading will answer most questions. Every . The amount varies. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT

Tarot Card Readings Hudson Psychic is gifted in the ability to read these special cards. The tarot cards are a guideline for specific questions and help readers to tune in to what their specific questions might be. Areas covered can be love, money, business, and romance. These are very specific for love questions. Mrs. Gina uses two different deck types of tarot cards. The Aquarian Tarot Deck - more in deep reading - covers a whole scale, specific on many matters. The Love Tarot Deck uses the power of the mystic deck to guide you in love, romance, and sex.

Palm Readings The palm is a special part of the body. It can tell you about health, problems, advice, business, love, happiness, and life. It can tell you about marriage, children, and the kind of person you are. It is a general reading.

Psychic Readings by Hudson Psychic

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