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Hudson Psychic

Eliminate Negative Energy

Rid Your Living Space or Workplace of Unwanted Energy

There are times when we feel a presence around us. Whether it’s positive or negative, it’s sometimes best to do your spiritual research and make sure nothing interferes with your well-being or state of mind.

We specialize in this area of spiritual knowledge, helping those who may be experiencing paranormal activity. Through sessions with Hudson Psychic, you can obtain insight as to what type of presence is surrounding you and what we can do to alleviate the situation. We offer clearings and blessings that will release negative energy from your space.

Everything in the universe consists of energy. We can see slow, dense energy with our physical eyes. This means we can see anything we perceive to be physical. On the other hand, higher frequency are only accessible to us via extrasensory perception.

The energy blueprint of humans appear as slow, dense vibrations. These vibrations leave energetic imprints wherever we go. Our energy imprints contain the powerful emotions that we experience at any given moment. Thus, it is the accumulation of these highly charged emotions in our energetic imprint that is detrimental or beneficial to the physical places we occupy.

Discarnate beings, such as ghosts, entities, ghouls, and even some insects, are attracted to this energy field when the vibration is very low. Is it possible to never have negative energy in a space?

All dwellings and lands on earth are repositories for our energetic debris, affecting anyone who lives in any domicile. Have you ever passed through a room or building and immediately felt uncomfortable?

The feelings and emotions we experience when we enter a room are the energies left by previous inhabitants. When we vacate the premises, we add to the energetic mix. Therefore, the negative energy debris of anger, fear, frustration, violence, and depression are more readily absorbed.

Outdated belief systems and negative thought patterns holding onto these energy patterns block forward movement and positive change. Energy loves to follow form, and our workspaces and living spaces provide prime real estate for mental and emotional energies, disembodied beings, and other energetic beings to dwell within.

Have you heard the saying “if walls could talk?” Apply that adage to every place on earth.

If you live out in nature, your space is relatively clear because nature is a natural energy custodian. Remember the last time you spent outside. How did your energy shift? How long did it take for you to feel better? Most of the time, the change is instantaneous.

How can a clearing or blessing make your life better?

By removing unwanted and unintended energy from your space, you create mental and emotional balance. A mental state of well-being, lightness, and clarity follows. This then allows a home or place of business to feel much more peaceful and calm. Once stale negative energy us cleared and replaced with high-frequency energy, you can feel invigorated in your home or office and fill it with positive, life-affirming energy.

Clearing and blessing a space brings happiness and contentment. The result is clarity of vision and peace of mind. The clearing reestablishes a feeling of protection and safety to your surroundings.

How to Identify a Disturbed Space

Did you know that violence, arguments, drug use, and death can affect a home or office space? In fact, these energies can affect any space. Besides affecting humans, they can cause great detriment to our pets. This can also translates to adolescents, making them feel angst.

Theory energy can produce poltergeist energy. The people are not bad at all, but the tension of the energy that their bodies release can attract negative energy.

If you are experiencing any of the following, your space may have negative harmful energy:

  • A string of bad luck
  • Flying objects within your space
  • Heated voices
  • Weird odors
  • The sensation of being touched, especially at night
  • An infestation of ants or wasps
  • Objects falling and crashing at night
  • Appliances and machines breaking down at the same time
  • Seeing ghosts
  • Electrical disturbances

If your space has harmful energy, then it’s time to call Hudson Psychic in Hudson, Massachusetts. Our rates are as follows:

1,500 sq. ft. and under – $250

1,501–2,499 sq. ft. – $350

2,500–4,000 sq. ft. – $450

4,001–6,000 sq. ft. – $550

6,000+ sq. ft. – Call for Inquiries 

Why Get A Clearing

The purpose of a home or office blessing is to cleanse any lingering energy or negativity that may have been left behind by previous occupants, set an intention for the home’s current inhabitants, and to make the space more comfortable and positive for all. This is ideal for new homes where an energy shift has occurred due to life upheaval, trauma, and the like.

Spirit Cleansing

If you feel like your home holds heavier negative energy, spirits, or ghosts, you will want to schedule a spirit cleansing. A trained medium will come to your space and help you identify the nature of your disturbance, assess the actions to be done, and employ the needed techniques.

Crystal Healing