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 Tea Leaf Reading Room. Hudson, Ma. 01749  213 main St. Hudson, ma. 01749
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Career ? Love life ? Family ? Life direction ? 
Whatever your question, 
be prepared to be amazed by what the leaves have to reveal the process of a tea leaf reading  it is a very magical and atmospheric experience.  

The cup reveals the inner workings of the psyche, as well as showing the path a person is on; past, present and future.  
If you are interested in a different experience then book a tea leaf reading with me. 
Also, you can have a (psychic) tea party and everyone can see what his or her cup has to say. Tea-leaf reading is about having fun and learning something new
Hudson psychic 
tea leaf reading
psychic tea leaf reading in Hudson,Ma.

Tea Room provides you with an experienced spiritual adviser.
When you rely on us for tea-leaf readings, you receive deep insight through an ancient divination form. In addition, 
we also provide advice about soul mate compatibility.

leaf readings ..specializing in MEDITATION and AROMATHERAPY
cleansing and balancing to your well being No two readings are alike ! 
The leaves reveal your fate unfolding at that moment in time.
  into your future past & present  All you have to do is focus in on your question.
psychic tea leaf reading Hudson psychic HUDSON,MA.01749

These are genuine, old-fashioned tea leaf readings, not computer-generated or phone line staffed. 
I pour a cup for each client a very personalized reading that will meet your particular needs. Highlights persons, places, dates and events prominent in your life over the coming year. Please indicate your choice of a General, Career, or Love reading. You may also ask a specific question, as the leaves will frequently give a specific answer.

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