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HUDSON PSYCHIC is a  gifted  recognized Psychic Medium from the Massachusetts area who is known for her natural ability to bring through  messages from those in the spirit world.
Spirit communication the existence of another world,  The spirit world exists on a different PLANE  than our material world.
As a medium, HUDSON PSYCHIC demonstrates her abilities as a  clairvoyant ,

attuning herself to this higher PLANE,
along with the effort of those in the spirit world to allow the spirit communication to take place. The communication process of medium-ship is a bridge between two worlds that connects us with our spirit loved ones,
helping to bring closure,resolve and healing.
HUDSON PSYCHIC  radiates truth and integrity in all of her work as a medium and spiritual teacher, and is sincerely devoted to her work with spirit's.
HUDSON PSYCHICS intention is to help others on their spiritual journey through spiritual education and enlightenment.

                                                           Spiritual Healing/Counseling

The Hudson Psychic uses healing ceremony and selects the most appropriate energy medicine techniques.  have acquired many sacred healing rituals to facilitate the elimination of dis-ease and restore harmony and integrity. A typical session includes an interview/assessment of the concern/issue. The practitioner determines the location of the source of dissonance and then disengages the energy form. A healing ritual is performed to alleviate the discomfort, pain or symptom(s). Session(s) conclude with further directions and a blessing to complete the healing.


Divination involves a reading of your luminous energy body. You are given information on your past, present, and future. Subjects addressed may include Spiritual Growth, Finances, Health, Relationships, Career, Past Lives, Relocation, Soul's Purpose, Soul Wounds, and Your Questions.



Extraction is the removal of a spiritual intrusion from an individual that manifests as the existence of a chronic condition, usually in a physical form. The Hudson psychic performs a healing ceremony with you to extract (remove) the spiritual intrusion(s). Extraction may be performed on homes and work settings.

Past Life Regression Therapy

The objective is to heal a karmic lesson by utilizing past life, age, per-natal, or dream-time regression. The regression technique has been found to be an effective method to access memories from the unconsciousness, that when processed create a holistic shift in consciousness.


chakra healing   HUDSON,MA.01749

The journey is a clairvoyant Hudson psychic  method used  for the purpose of entering hidden spiritual worlds in order to become acquainted with helping spirits such as Power Animals and Compassionate Teachers.

 HUDSON psychic is  your spirit guide. You will leave more peaceful and with a hopeful perspective.  We need peace and hope in these uncertain times.  
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