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House Blessings
energy cleansing


House blessings are beneficial for many reasons.

Some reasons are:

    The energy in your home feels off.

    There was a death in the home.

    You are trying to sell your house and it isn’t selling well.

    There is a lot of discord among the people living in the home.

    You would like to invite in positive energy and harmony.

    There were issues like divorce or illness with the previous owners.

The purpose of a Home Blessing is to cleanse any lingering energy or negativity that may have been left behind by previous occupants, to set an intention for the home’s current inhabitants, and to generally make the space more comfortable and positive for all. This is ideal for new homes where there has recently been a shift in energy due to life upheaval, trauma, or when you just need an energetic boost.

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Spirit Cleansing
If you feel like your home holds heavier negative energy, spirits or ghosts, you will want to book a Spirit Cleansing. A trained medium will come to your home or business and help you identify the nature of your disturbance, assess what action will need to be taken, and employ the needed techniques.

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There is an extra charge for traveling to a home.
It is recommended people living in the home
receive a clearing as well if there is concern about the house being haunted.

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